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There are a few things that I have learned about eating home cooked meals that can turn into valuable fitness tips and tricks.

Dish up the correct number of servings onto the plates in the kitchen. When I was growing up, my family used to just bring a huge bowl of spaghetti noodles and another huge bowl of spaghetti sauce to the table. The bowls would be passed around and we could choose how much of each we wanted. Now that I have mastered healthy eating, we dish up all the food in the kitchen and bring the individual plates to the table. I found that serving a meal Family Style is too much of a temptation for me. I tend to take too much in the first place and go for seconds afterward.

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Divide leftovers into individual servings Dish up the leftovers into individual sized portions. I use Ziploc Storage Containers because they are inexpensive and translucent enough to tell what has been stored in them. If the recipe says that it has six servings, I get a dish for me, a dish for Mike and four Ziploc bowls. I divide the recipe equally among the six dishes and put lids on the containers before taking our dishes to the table.

Leave the leftovers in the kitchen. If the leftovers (in their individually sized containers) are in the kitchen when I finish eating. I am reluctant to get up and dish up another serving. I would have dirtied a dish (and lid) for nothing and that’s one less lunch for me over the week. If you want to truly be committed to only eating one serving, put them in the freezer before you eat your meal. I guarantee that the idea of that same meal, growing ice crystals in the freezer will prevent you from overeating.

Controlling the amount of food I eat has been an important factor in my weight loss success. Whether I am eating at home or at restaurants, managing my portions has been essential. I don’t cook at home very often, but when I do, I find that these three tips prevent me from eating too much at home.

I’ve talked many times about excising caffeine from my diet, so I’m sure you know where I stand on these super-caffeinated beverages. I view caffeine as a drug. Sometimes, I need caffeine, just like I need an aspirin or some allergy medicine. I don’t drink caffeine every day, so none of this huge surplus of sugar-free energy drinks appeals to me. The $3 price tag makes me shy from them even more.

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My advice, wash down a No-Doz or Vivarin with your favorite soda or water. You’ll get just as much of a buzz and won’t have to gulp down drinks that are heavily flavored to hide the bitter taste of caffeine.

Eat an apple before every meal and you will magically lose weight. When I first heard about the plan a couple of years ago, my first instinct was to wonder when the apple farmers of America had united and pitched in enough money to advertise this idea. My instincts weren’t far from the mark. The 3-Apple-A-Day Plan is sponsored by Get Fit Foods, whose major backer is the Washington Apple Growers Association (among others).

If you aren’t eating any fruits and vegetables, then adding an apple before each meal gets a few extra nutrients into your body and provides you with a sense of fullness. More importantly, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is the best option, rather than sticking to one fruit. After a week of three apples a day, I’d be mighty sick of apples. It might actually make me eat LESS apples in the long run.

Watch out. Even the seemingly healthy ideas are backed by people trying to take your money. Choose a diet that is balanced and that you can live with. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is a good option, but any plan that tries to convince you that one certain food is THE answer is just trying to take your money.

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